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Doesnt audino give more?
Yes it does
The kindwer the pokemon, the better exp? was what I first thought, then I remembered mewtwo and giratina
Hey sbr, Im hiding my Q bout STAB multiplier on BP or damage question since I found the answer
Bulbapedia- This results in a 50% increase in damage
Pokemonwiki- This boost increases the damage done by 50%
Ive been trying to find out the BP using the multipliers, but Ive,
and most of the people, have been doing it all wrong
Whole damage gets multiplied by 1.5, not BP
This also includes weakness/resistance, weather, stage boosts etc...
Funny how most of the answers to the question bout BP are incorrect
For example, STAB earthquake is not 150 BP
I wont correct them though, since they wont even understand what Im talking bout

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if you are wondering why Blissey's seem to give off more EXP, it is because Blissey has a Base EXP yield of 255, which is pretty high, meaning it gives off more EXP when you faint it.

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