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I was in the Lost Hotel training and I noticed that a lot of Pokemon that are ridiculed for looking stupid/uncreative by the fanbase are down there, like Magneton, Trubbish (in trash cans, I found this humorous to be honest), Electrode, Litwick, Klefki, and Garbodor.

Is there something behind all of this? Like these Pokemon were abandoned by their Trainers and now hide there? Or am I overthinking everything as usual?

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This could be a little hidden message from Game Freak, but we can't know for sure.

enter image description here

Other than Pawniard, all the Pokemon above were ridiculed by the fanbase about their looks, and it would make sense that their trainers abandoned them in the Lost Hotel, but only Game Freak can answer this as the Anime/Games never mention anything about it.

:O Who ridiculed Rotom?
Lemme at em, lemme at em!
lol sir dan
Litwick was ridiculed?
I dont think so, but it would make sense (i mean it's a freaking candle ffs)
but even if you dont include those 2, the rest were definitely ridiculed.
They mocked Jingle Keys for a while.
But then it went for the 6-0s.