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I've interacted with each trash can, nothing happened.
I did it during night.

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I saw a trash can moving behind the barred section. I don't know how to get there though

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I encountered one by talking to a trash can in the part of the hotel that you reach from route 16 (during night as well). It's probably just a rare spawn.

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How do you talk to a trash can? And what trash can WAS it? I'M SO CONFUSED! I JUST WANT TO CATCH A ROTOM! ; A ;
You can also put a pokemon with the Static ability in front of your party to increase the chances of rotom appearing in the trash can.
Remember that rotom only appears on TUESDAYS and that all forms of rotom are still part electric-type so static still works with all forms
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You can find Rotoms, of all different forms in the trash cans. You can also change a Rotom's form on the second floor of Professor Sycamore's lab. The twist to catching Rotom is, it's only on Tuesdays. To access the different sides if the bars, you need to go into different entrances. The two ruins with staircases leading down are on opposite sides of the East-West path that leads into the connecting tunnel between Route 15 and the snowy town.

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I found a wild Rotom without interacting with any of the trashcans inside the lost hotel, like any other wild Pokemon in that area like klefki, pawniard and litwick. It must be that the encounter rate is very low and thats why you're having trouble finding it.