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I will eventually be breeding a Rotom for my first team with full IVs, so naturally, I researched it's forms, and, Rotom-Wash seems to be the form I find most useful. No wonder why the little guy was one of my favorite Pokemon. So I was confused when I couldn't find any sources for Rotom-Wash, so I decided to ask the question myself. Is there any way to change my Rotom's form in X/Y, or do I have to go to another game?( I hope not.)

Thanks for any help with this.

i personally like heat rotom

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Go over to the boxes on the second floor of Professor Sycamore's Lab with Rotom in your party and click a certain box, which will change Rotom.

I haven't done this, so I don't know which box does what, so sorry about that! And your welcome!

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Good old trial and error then, and since I'll be breeding it, it should work out with no problems whatsoever. Thanks again.
May I by chance have a best answer? Sorry if I'm greedy...
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To get rotom forms, you first need a rotom. To get this, transfer one from previous games like Pokemon black/white 2, or look on GTS. Once found, locate the Pokemon lab in Lumiose city.
Then, take the elevator to second floor. You will find a bunch of old boxes in the bottom right of the room. If you go up to it and press the "A" button, it will say it's a bunch of old appliances. If you bring rotom, it will say the same things, but it will also say something about rotom wanting to experiance it. Click Yes. It will show you a bunch of appliances - you might be able to make out which appliance is which form. After a form chosen, it will ask you to learn a move. You cannot change your rotom's form if it doesn't learn the move - so learn it. This is how you change your rotoms form into the other 5. To get all 5, you will need 5 rotoms.

Hope I helped! :)