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I only know 1, Sliggoo. What exactly are they?

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NFE stands for Not Fully Evolved. So these are all Pokémon who are not final evolutions. But some Pokémon, like Chansey, are in OU, because they are good in higher tiers because of the Eviolite, an item that increases the holders defence and special defence if it can still evolve.

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One more Question: How does this work with LC?
LC is Pokémon that have not evolved yet, but can still evolve. So basically not mid or final evolutions. Or Pokémon that can't evolve. But I'm not really sure.
Smogon, you've found something worth an article XD
And also I forgot, NFE isn't a tier you can battle in, wheras LC is. You can use NFE's in other tiers, for instance, if you wanted a Pokémon like Garchomp on a UU team, you could take Gabite from NFE and use him instead.