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I saw on Bulbapedia that Reshiram was available through an event. Was this the only possible way to obtain Reshiram?

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Are you asking this because you want Reshiram? You are? Good.

There is no evidence of any way to obtain Reshiram besides the event, but people have made a program that generates a password that you can enter to get it.

Try this one:


If you enter this in, you should get Reshiram. If it doesn't work or you have any questions, just ask me.


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Here's another video that hopefully will help:

I entered the code and nothing happened. Was I supposed to finish the game first?
You may want to watch that video.  I don't have much experience with Conquest, but yes, you may have to.
Nope, you just have to complete that month, and then Reshiram will appear.