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Is it true that the Girl character is faster than the Boy character in the games?

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Sometimes in my free time, I see some Pokemon Speedruns on Youtube and I saw a HGSS Speedrun and he (the player playing the game) says that the girl character is better than the boy in Speedruns because it's faster.

Is this true?

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Theres no such thing, both players have equal running speed regardless of what instrument they are using (Roller Skates, Running Shoes, Bicycle).

There are just name (Ethan and Lyra respectively) and design differences between the Boy and Girl characters as per programming in the HG/SS game, and none other.

Source: Restarted my SoulSilver game as a girl, and then again as a boy. Did the same for BW2, no speed difference.

Another fact is that if this was true, everyone would use the girl is speedruns, but they don't. In all Pokémon WR, the player uses the boy character because it is the default one. Which means he can just spam the A button to go through the intro.

Hope I helped!

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You don't need a source. It's false, Zoom's right.
Added in a source anyway (hard on me because I restarted twice xD). Oh well, time to make a Nuzlocke out of that :P
Most people pick the female trainer because most guys agree that almost all of the male trainers (Save for the johto games) suck.

Plus, GIRLs are all over the internet.

The world has been solved.
Nearly every male youtuber uses the girl character. Dunno why even though I just technically read all this.