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Those thin paths that you can jump sideways across if you're riding the Acro Bike? Where are all of them?

and why do you want to know?
Because I am playing Sapphire, and I've seen paths like this, but I've forgotten where they are. And there are probably rare candies and stuff at the end of them.
only 2 have rare candies and one has a secret base

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Acro Bike

Effect: Use to move faster than walking or running. Slower than the Mach Bike, but can perform tricks. Can be used to ride on Cycling Roads.

Secondary effect: Can be used to side-jump between rails and bunny hop along bumpy slopes.

Cycling Roads:

Seaside Cycling Road, an overhead path built over Route 110 in central Hoenn.


In Hoenn rails are mainly found on Route 119.

Bumpy Slopes:

These slopes, which are only seen in Hoenn, can only be climbed with an Acro Bike's bunny hop trick. This feature is mainly in Jagged Pass and the Safari Zone.

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Thanks. I remember seeing some of the rails, but I forgot where I saw them.
No problem.