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I went to one of the Mirage Caves in Alpha Sapphire, and I noticed that I needed the Acro Bike to get past a certain point. Since I had the Mach Bike at the time, I temporarily left to switch bikes and then return. However, after I got past the point I mentioned earlier, I saw a TM at the top of a steep slope (which you can only go up with using the Mach Bike). Basically, I had no way to get to it without having both bikes. Is there a way to get the item?


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You have to have both in order to get those items.

To do that:
- show the Mach Bike to the Hex Maniac on Route 111 (she's up on a ledge)
- show the Acro Bike to a Bird Keeper in the Acro Bike area of Route 119 (requires Surf & Waterfall)
- show either bike to a triathlete in Battle Resort

After that, go back to Mauville and speak to the bike shop owner, and he'll give you both.

Source: Serebii

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You need to have both bikes to get that TM! In OR/AS, it is possible to obtain both bikes by doing certain requirements. However, you need to beat the game to get both bikes. Basically you have to advertise Rydel's bikes by showing them to some specific people.

First, take the Mach bike to Route 111 to the house in the north where you can sleep and heal. Above it is an area only accessable via the Mach Bike. While riding the bike, talk with the girl up there.
Next, once you have HM07 Waterfall, head to Route 119 with the Acro Bike and climb the waterfall at the top of the route (near the Weather Institute). After navigating the Acro Bike platforms, you'll encounter a trainer on a patch of land to the west (in front of a pile of grass suitable for a secret base). Talk to him, then leave.
Once you have access to the Battle Resort, hop on either bike and head east past the day care. You'll see a triathlete near the eastern shore on a bike. Talk to him, then head to Mauville City. Go into the Bike Shop and talk with Rydel and he'll give you the second bike.

Once you have obtained both bikes, you are now able to get that TM.
Hope this helped!
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You can get both bikes in ORAS! This can only be done after the league though.

In order to do this, you will need to be on the Mach Bike and talk to the Hex Maniac in the Route 111 desert. Then, while your on the Acro Bike, go to the Bird Keeper in the Acro Bike area in Route 119 that requires Surf and Waterfall. Then, with any bike, go to the Triathlete in the Battle Resort.

After you've talked to these people on the respective bikes, return to Rydel and he will give you the bike you don't own.

Pics of these people's locations are available in the source, apart from the Triathlete.

Hope I helped. :)

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Theres 4 steps to do this:

  1. Go to route 111, and head north, ride up the slope with a mach bike, and there should be a Hex Maniac there. Talk to her an she'll think about getting a bike. Required items: Mach bike.
  2. Go to the far north on route 119. Use waterfall to climb the waterfall on the north, then use the Acro bike to get to a bird trainer, who also thinks about buying a bike. Required items: HM Waterfall, Acro bike.
  3. Go to the battle resort. On the beach to the south-east, there will be a triathlete who will be impressed by your bike. Required items: Nothing :P
  4. Go to Rydels Cycles, talk to Rydel and claim your new bike!

If one of the characters isn't there, it means you've already talked to them.

Hope I helped ;3

Source: How-To-Obtain-Both-The-Acro-Bike-And-Mach-Bike. Experience.