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Before I evolve my Pikachu into a Raichu, I was wondering if its speed will get higher?
Yes, I know Raichu gets more speed in its Speed stat than Pikachu, but like in one of the episodes in the first season of Pokemon when Ash's Pikachu battled Lt.Surge's Raichu the 2nd time, Brock said that Lt.Surge shouldn't have evolved his Pikachu early because it wouldn't gain speed in the Pikachu stage, or was he referring to Pikachu learning Agility by leveling up?

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No, it may now the speed moves (If you let it), but unless you speed EV train it, its speed with be the same. Hope I helped.

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Yeah, he was referring to Agility. If you want your Raichu to have max Speed, evolve it whenever you want, and maybe EV train it in Speed (Super Training).


Raichu's learnset

In the episode of the anime where Ash's Pikachu battles the Raichu, Brock said, "Raichu evolved too fast, and it never learned the speed attacks it could only learn in the Pikachu stage!"

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First of all, Anime and the Games are completely different from each other, and About Brock...Let's just say he's helping Ash with a Tecnique. Though Pikachu 's base speed is 90 while Raichu's is 110. So yeah Raichu is faster.
(Oh and never take advice from the first gym leader in my opinion)
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The first Gym leader's first advice is to move on to the next gym lol
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