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>ruleset: ['Pokemon', 'Standard', 'Swagger Clause', 'Team Preview 1v1'],

	banlist: ['Focus Sash', 'Kangaskhanite', 'Soul Dew',
		'Arceus', 'Blaziken', 'Darkrai', 'Deoxys', 'Deoxys-Attack', 'Dialga', 'Giratina', 'Giratina-Origin', 'Groudon', 'Ho-Oh',
		'Kyogre', 'Kyurem-White', 'Lugia', 'Mewtwo', 'Palkia', 'Rayquaza', 'Reshiram', 'Shaymin-Sky', 'Xerneas', 'Yveltal', 'Zekrom'
	validateTeam: function (team, format) {
		if (team.length > 3) return ['You may only bring up to three Pokémon.'];

^Showdown coding


  • Focus Sash, Kangaskhanite and Soul Dew are the items that are not allowed
  • Arceus, Blaziken, Darkrai, Deoxys-A, Deoxys, Dialga, Giratina, Giratina-O, Groudon, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Kyurem-W, Lugia, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Shaymin-S, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zekrom are the banned Pokemon (This is NOT the entire Ubers tier)
  • You can bring up to 3 Pokemon into thematch and then select one
  • The basic clauses are all in place - Swagger, Sleep, Species. OHKO, Moody, Evasion, Endless Battle and the HP Percentage Mod (most of these come under "Standard").
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