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For example:

  • Hyperspace Hole
  • Steam Eruption
  • Thousand Arrows
  • Thousand Waves
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My guess is that they can't....
Ok, but why the downvote?
I don't know myself, the only way to prove this is if someone got Hyperspace Hole. Not likely :/
What is Thousand Waves?
Google it. It's a new move, a signature of a unreleased Pokémon.
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Thanks! Changed dat about 2 days :X

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No, it does not. Can't really say much more.

Hope I helped!

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why they can't? .-.
One reason, someone could spam Metronome and find the moves.
Nintendo no want that
Ofc dat the game already have all those moves in the data but hidden because they are signatures moves of unreleased Pokemons , I thinked dat Metronome would work..
Yep! :)
I think that those particular moves are stored as hidden files that cannot be accessed without hacking or event. After the event process, I think that move gets unlocked by Gamefreak when the next game comes out.
Random guess
I agree with Qwerty
Ok... xD