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On Route 6, there is this little berry farm thing. There is this guys there that allows you to plant there. He says "watch out for bug Pokemon trying to eat the berries on the trees(or something like that)." He says you can catch them or defeat them. So, what are all of the bug Pokemon that try to eat your hard earned berries that you planted?


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There are a few changes to growing berries, however. First off, on the odd occassion, weeds will grow around the berries. This will hinder the growth of the berries and result in a less bountiful crop. In addition to that, various Bug-type Pokémon such as Spewpa will end up attacking your plants, and you need to battle them in order to protect your berries.

Here is a list of all Pokemons that try to eat/attack your berries -

Ledyba -> Red Berry Trees
Volbeat -> Blue Berry Trees
Illumise -> Purple Berry Trees
Burmy -> Green Berry Trees
Combee -> Yellow Berry Trees
Spewpa -> Pink Berry Trees

Source - Serebii
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