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Well I traind an experemental umbreon and its carefull nature evd 252 sd 100 attack 152 defence
but I think I maxd out its defence and sd and then traind attack for 100 ev's and these are the stats :

umbreon-level 36
ev'd-100 attack 252 special defence 152 defence
stats- attack-61

speciall attack-47


special defence-135


so I think I dident ev'd it well because with pokerus I maxd attack in two levels


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I think you misjudged the Attack capabilities of Umbreon. This is quite normal seeing as Umbreon doesn't have that high of a max attack.

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Your doing great and it's ok just give it some carbos or something to max everything out. don't get so worked up over one thing. it's ok to have an off balanced ev training. that means the nature might not be what you thought it was