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Is there a reason behind Mega Audino/ Slowbro? I really believe that there are many other Pokemon who deserve Mega Evolutions much more than Audino/Slowbro.

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I'm not sure but the best way to beat mega slow bro will be haxorus will mould breaker night slash swords dance and what ever you want it will get ride of it quick

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Well, no other Unova Pokemon has ever gotten a Mega Evolution so they are starting to give Gen V some Megas starting with Audino, Maybe they'll release more as the time goes by. I don't think Game Freak will just make One Unova Mega, that gives hope that Other Pokemon of the same Gen can get the Same Opportunity.

As for Slowbro, maybe Game Freak wanted to bring back some Memorable Pokemon from Generation 1. They could do it with Other Pokemon like Raichu, Dragonite, or another Pokemon. They also get new abilities that will give them advantages, such as Slowbro's new resistance to Critical hits with Shell Armor. I'm pretty sure GF will release different Megas or they want to leave the most exciting evolutions for last.

Aside from that only Game Freak knows, but don't give up Hope

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They pull out a Dart Board with Pokemon on it, Then they shoot a Dart. Whoever it lands on gets a Mega Evolution, my Theory
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Because Game Freak want them to be Megas!

I respect that there are some Pokemon that deserve a Mega, but Game Freak makes what they want and some new Megas are to improve their stats as nobody uses them.

Audino and Slowbro aren't good Pokemons in my opinion. Game Freak maybe saw that too, and decided to make a Mega for them in order for them to become more used by the players.

Now the Megas;

Mega Slowbro remains Water/Psychic type but has the ability Shell Armor.
Mega Audino is now Normal/Fairy type and keeps the ability Healer.

Slowmbro's Shell Armor prevents from it receiving a critical hit. With the great defenses, it's now a great bulky Pokémon.
Audino is now Fairy-Type making it with more weaknesses and ability Healer making it receive 30% HP when switch from the battle. Audino was great HP / Defense / Sp. Defense and if they improve a little more, this can become the next Alomomola.

I hope there will be a Mega for Hydreigon!
Hope this helps.

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Slowbro is a pretty solid Pokemon.
It goes from pretty solid to pretty pretty solid haha.
Mega Hydreigon for the win!
Slowbro is a decent Pokemon
Both of them were pretty decent at what they were doing..

Mega Audino kinda gives a hint at going to Unova in the second part of the game, or just a ton of Unova natives in OR/AS. I'm also expecting a Mega Slowking.