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Thought of this:drain punch mega audino paired with safeguard swagger kelfki for increasing its attack for drain punch against steel types on my mono fairy team, could it work? I'm running baby doll eyes(great in doubles with priority) wish, heal pulse and either drain punch or draining kiss.


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There isn't much point to a physical Mega Audino. Its Attack stat is terrible, and it has a much better special movepool.
If you want Steel type coverage, then it learns Flamethrower and Fire Blast, which targets most Steel types lower Special Defense.
So yeah, I don't recommend physical M-Audino.

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Just wondering if I could use swagger on ally mons for attack increase.
Yes, you can, and Safeguard will protect the target from being confused.
I mean my only physical attacker is av granbull, so I was wondering if there was a second on my team, and I may replace granbull entirely.