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I was told that the ultimate battle of B/W/B2/W2 is the one against Cynthia in the house in Undella Town. What is X and Y's ultimate battle?

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The 'ultimate battle' is probably Champion Diantha. That's probably the strongest trainer in the game, aside a few others and actual legendary Pokemon themselves.

There are spoilers below btw but I doubt you care I just felt it was necessary.

I can recall a very tough battle that you encounter during the Looker missions. In Chapter 4, you have to battle Emma's robot and her high-leveled Pokemon, I remember that being a very tough battle. Although it's not really 'The Ultimate Battle', it's a pretty tough battle.

Hope I helped. :)
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The ultimate battle is probably Diantha in the Battle Chateau and battling her with a Black writ of challenge active.