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Which is better?

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Male of female meowstic?
Hahahaha there's 3 answers and they're practically all the same

I bet you now know which is better lol

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Imo I'd say Meowstic-M is definitely better than Meowstic-F due to it's Ability Prankster. However both Pokémon are in NU (Neverused) as they are not commonly used and are outclassed by other Pokémon.

Here is a moveset for Meowstic-M:


Meowstic-M @ Light Clay
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Thunder Wave/Yawn
- Psychic/Psyshock

Despite Meowstic-M being in NU, a user on the site called Poke'Slash has an OU team in which she uses Meowstic-M, surprisingly it is very effective and a strong member of her team.

Why thank you for the mention. :D Indeed, I use a set which does pretty well against any Pokemon that isn't a Dark Type or strong Physical Attacker, and once managed to stall out a battle for 93 turns using almost entirely that Pokemon. Not to say the set is nearly invincible, which it isn't. :)
I like Meowstic a lot.
No problem :D
I believe it's on your Fairy Tail team is it not, meant to represent Happy? I love Happy, he's cute and hilariously funny :3
93 turns?! Really? :O... that's quite impressive for a Pokémon that Smogon's ranked NU!
It is. :3 And I like Happy lots. :)
That's what happens when you pit him against a Delphox and a Florges. xD
All of my -_-

Idk you replied before :o
Dang Delphox and Florges o_o
But yeah you've just got to love Happy, you can't dislike him <3
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Their stats are exactly the same, the only difference between the two(aside from appearance, which has no effect in battle) are the moves they learn.
So it just depends on what kind of role you are trying to fill on your team.

>The male Meowstic acts more of a supporter while the female is an attacker.

The male learns more defensive moves and has an ability that's more for support, while the female has more offensive moves and her ability is more offensive.

Hope I helped.