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Lets say I am battling the inverse battle guy, I use thief on his Weavile and take his choice scarf. When the battles ends will my Pokemon still be holding the Choice Scarf?

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Soooo original.
Mayb instead of getting BP i can just use thief and get one for free!

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You will steal the Trainer's Pokémon held item but you won't get to keep it permanently I'm afraid. However if you steal a wild Pokémon's held item you get to keep that permanently.

>Thief no longer steals a Trainer's Pokémon's items permanently; however, a wild Pokémon's item is still permanently stolen by the player.


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Damn, i guess i cant steal that choice scarf :/
You can steal it you just can't keep it ;)
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No, From Gen V onwards You Cannot Steal a Trainer's Item Permanently. The only thing That Will Affect it Is It's Dark Typing

Source : Bulbapedia

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That aint what i am asking for tho