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I was celebrating beating the champion by riding my Skiddo on the ranch. I walked into the long grass nearby, and a Moltres popped up!

It did the usual legendary Pokemon entrance, like Mewtwo's. I was so surprised that I just stared at it. After about ten seconds, it ran off, and I hadn't even pressed fight! I couldn't find it after that.

Why did it appear, and is it possible to catch?

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Moltres is a roaming Pokemon in X/Y.

Depending on what starter you pick, you'll get the chance to catch one of the three legendary birds in the wild.

Moltres appears if you picked Froakie.
Articuno appears if you picked Chespin.
Zapdos appears if you picked Fennekin.

Before you can catch it, you must encounter it 11 times in the wild. It will flee right away, not giving you a chance to do anything.
After you've seen it 11 times, it will be in Sea Spirit's Den, waiting for you to catch it.

Source: Moltres Bulbapedia page and knowledge

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This happens in X and Y which ever starter you pick you will encounter 1 of the three legendary birds you have no chance to fight try to catch it or even run from it (shadow tag also doesn't work) which is normal you have to encounter it a number of times before eventually it will go to the sea spirits den where you can fight it you can see where Moltres is located currently in your costal pokedex

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Well, you met The Legendary Pokemon Moltres! After you beat The Pokemon League, The Legendary Birds start roaming. You get one depending on your starter. Chespin-Articuno, Fenniken-Zapdos, and Froakie-Moltres. They will immediately run away. After chasing your bird around on foot (They will change their location if you use Fly) 11 times, your bird will go to the Sea Spirit's Den. There, you will be able to catch them. To check their location go to the Coastal Kalos Pokedex. Good Luck Catching Moltres.
He comes at level 70
-Air Slash
-Sunny Day
-Heat Wave
Ability: Pressure


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