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Nowadays on Smogon, all the Salamence sets I see are Special sets. I would want to know if Physical or Special Salamence's are preferred in today's Meta game and why?


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Depends on the format actually

In Singles Mixed or Physical Salamence is the preferred one to go with. Normally people run Fire Blast as the special move, to break past Skarmory and Ferrothorn who otherwise can be very annoying. Apart from that, normally moves like Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw and Earthquake are run to enhance sweeping capabilities. Scarf Salamence also normally carries Outrage, Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Fire Blast.

In VGC however, special Salamence is the way to go
This is due to Latios and Latais being banned from VGC. This means there is a lack of Dragon type special attackers - and Salamence is probably one of the most viable ones left, with good special attack, and enough speed. Also, Draco Meteor hits harder than any other move in Salamence's arsenal, and the immediete power provided is a must in VGC, which is usually quite a fast-paced metagame. The aditional support of Intimidate is also helpful, and since it's a special Salamence, it also manages to avoid the effects of Intimidate from the opposing side.

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But isn't Hydreigon also a great special attacker
Intimidate support.
Mence's ability to provide that to VGC teams allows it to check alot of physical threats.