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In X/Y it takes forever to super train your Pokemon. Is there a faster way to EV train them?

Please include details!

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Super training is not recommended if you want to seriously EV train. It's really just a bit of fun and you get some stones from it.

The fastest way to EV train requires:

  • Pokerus
  • Power items
  • High levelled Pokemon with a reliable multi-hit move (Discharge, Earthquake, Surf etc.)
  • Exp Share
  • Something with Fly
  • Something with Sweet Scent

Horde training is the fastest way to EV train, and you are always guaranteed a horde with Sweet Scent (providing that you use it in a place that has hordes). So what you need to do now is:

  1. infect the Pokemon you want to EV train with PKRS (do that by just having a few random battles with said Pokemon next something that has PKRS in your party)
  2. equip the desired power item to your Pokemon you want to EV train
  3. fly to the place that has the horde with EVs that you want (see here; Nugget Bridge article)
  4. switch on the Exp. Share and lead with your high levelled Pokemon that has a multi-hit move
  5. walk in into grass/ cave and use Sweet Scent
  6. fight the horde that you want.

If you have Pokerus & Power item going, each horde will give 10+ EVs, depending on how many EV points the respective Pokemon give out.

Side note: I find sp. def is really hard, so sometimes I use the Pokeradar to chain Gothorita at the PKMN village.

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Actully you get 50 ev from hordes if you have have pokerus and power item if each of them gives atleast +1ev
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Horde Battles!

Catch an Oddish on Route 6: This Oddish helps a lot with your EV training. Why? Because it knows SWEET SCENT.
>Having Pokerus + Power items and a multi-hit move like Earthquake will make it much faster!

HP - Route 5 - Gulpin
Attack - Route 14 - Bellsprout
Defense - Terminus Cave - Aron
Special Attack - Frost Cavern - Vanillite
Special Defense - Reflection Cave - Mime Jr.
Speed - Route 10 - Yanma

Here you can find all Hordes/Location/Effort Values.

Hope this helps!

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EQ doesn't affect wingull and taillow so Heat Wave would work best.
''like earthquake''  - that was an example...
@It's a secret!: Heat Wave does not have 100% accuracy, Surf would be better
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