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I recently checked the EV training question, but I wasn't too informative for me because there were no Alolan/Kalosian locations.

For XY, I found surfing at Route 22 and good rod at Ambrette Town and Cyllage City.
Ev training? There's a place called isle evelup in pokepelago where all your dreams come true!
In X/Y you can Super Train your Pokémon, which is faster than traditional EV training (For me anyway).

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There is no specific place for EV training, but there are useful features

In Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon:
There are two ways to EV train:
- The Poké Pelago, that you get after Kiawe's trial
- Bouncy Houses and Food Stalls at the Festival Plaza, but you need to pay a certain price, so go for the
Poké Pelago

In XY:
You can use Super Training, this is the easiest way to EV train (though it is very long)


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A specific place could be an area where there is a common Pokémon that yields SAtk that can be repeatedly knocked out to farm EVs. For example, I like to chain Caterpie for HP on Route 1 in S/M.
Caterpie yields HP, not special attack...
He used it as an example.
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Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon :

  1. You can use Isle Evelup in Poke Pelago , Which you obtain after Kaiwe's 's Trial
  2. Stalls , Bouncy Houses , Etc..
  3. You could go on a huge killing spree on Magnemite and Zorua in the Trainer's school , with the Pokemon you wanna EV Train hold a Power Lens, which will give 4 SpA EVs + the extra EVs from Zorua / Magnemite . If the Pokemon you wanna EV train has Pokerus , It will gain 8 EVs instead of 4 .

Hope I helped !!!

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