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this Pokemon I luv and is my fav Pokemon. I managed to get a shiny after 14 eggs. Anyways, I'm going with a sp.atck zoroark (nature is rash) so obviously ill add 255 to sp.atck. Where should I invest the reset tho? I'm looking for a scout/offensive zoroark.

thanks :)

252 is the max usable ev value, might have actually been changed to the max value, can't remember
Which game is this?
oh i should have added more info, sorry :(. anyways i play pokemon x and i am aware that the max is 252 i just forgot :P. also i went for full hp and full spe.atck and the rest to speed. if this is not a good idea, ill use a reset bag

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I reccomend investing the rest of your EVs in Speed. Because Zoroark is so frail, there is no point in investing in any of its defensive stats, you want it be as fast and hard hitting as possible.
I know it's a shiny, but a Rash nature isn't ideal for Zoroark, Timid is preferred so Zoroark can outspeed anything it can.

oh yea i should mention that im using a baton passing team. so i got a venomoth for the sleep powder and quiver dance a couple times  and then i baton pass it to my zoroark or what ever pokemon is best for the current situation
If you succeed in passing on stat boosts, then I guess Speed isn't a problem, but because it's a dedicated Special Attacker, Modest would be better, as it allows it to take Foul Play and Special Attacks a bit better.