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I am EV training my ralts and soon, it would be a gardevoir. I want it max Sp. Atk and max Speed. I want to know the FULL List of Pokemon that can be found in X/Y that gives out EVs in Sp. Atk and Speed.

Also, list them in order from the weakest Pokemon that gives out EVs in sp. atk and speed to the strongest.


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In Pokemon X and Y, if you use Sweet Scent or Honey, you have 100% chance to encounter a Horde. A Horde is a group of 5 Pokémon at a level around one half of the Pokémon you can encounter at the same location in regular one-on-one encounters. Method is not listed as this works in tall grass and caves only. Recommended for fast and easy maxing stats.

Special Attack
Location: Frost Cavern
Encounter Rate: Common
Level: 20
EVs: 1 Special Attack per each

Smoochum horde can be found in Frost Cavern as well. It’s very rare, but the EV yield is the same as Vanillite’s, so you can just use them if you find them.

Location: Route 8
Encounter Rate: Common
Level: 9
EVs: 1 Speed per each

Taillow horde can be found on Route 8 as well. It’s very rare, but the EV yield is the same as Wingull’s, so you can just use them if you find them.

In case it’s raining on Route 8, you can’t use Sweet Scent and Honey to encounter hordes. Alternatively, use:
Location: Connecting Cave
Encounter Rate: Common
Level: 8
EVs: 1 Speed per each

Ways to Modify EV Gain:

Pokerus – Doubles EVs gained, can be combined with Macho Brace and Power Items.

Macho Brace – Doubles EVs gained, halves holder’s Speed, can be combined with Pokerus.

Power Items – Gives 4 additional EV's points to a corresponding stat, halves holder’s Speed, can be combined with Pokerus

In Pokemon X and Y, you can find Macho Brace lying on the ground at Route 15, Power Weight (+HP), Power Bracer (+Atk), Power Belt (+Def), Power Lens (+SAtk), Power Band (+SDef) and Power Anklet (+Speed) can be purchased in Battle Maison (Kiloude City) for 16 BP each.

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I also got my first shiny pokemon in x and y (vanillite) during this process on my 1ST horde battle in Frost Cavern
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Charmeleon - 1 SpAtk | 1 Spd - 405 BST
Rotom - 1 SpAtk | 1 Spd - 440 BST
Venomoth - 1 SpAtk | 1 Spd - 450 BST
Xatu - 1 SpAtk | 1 Spd - 470 BST

You can only find Venomoth, Charmeleon, and Xatu in Friend Safari, and Rotom is found at the Lost Hotel on Tuesday. Training this way would be really tedious, and since you are playing X & Y, I would suggest using Super Training instead.

If you are training them separately, then here are some good Pokemon to train off:
Pikachu - 2 Spd - Santalune Forest, Route 3, Friend Safari
Emolga - 2 Spd - Route 10, Friend Safari
Floatzel - 2 Spd - Routes 15, 16 and 21, Friend Safari
Fearow - 2 Spd - Victory Road

Roselia - 2 SpAtk - Route 7
Sigilyph - 2 SpAtk - Route 10, Friend Safari
Gloom - 2 SpAtk - Friend Safari
Haunter - 2 SpAtk - Routes 14 & 19, Victory Road, Frost Cavern


Charmeleon in Friend Safari as well. Also, Horde Training > Super Training
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for speed is wingle route 8 and sp attk is frost cavern Vannilite fight in hordes use sweet scent and rockslide or eq for fast battles

ralts cant learn those moves
u dont need raltz for thse moves u can just have a pokemon who knows those moves first in party and exp share on and theyll still get EV
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