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I can EV train and breed for IVs.What I don't understand is how to max out TWO stats COMPLETELY.On every EV training guide I've looked at they say its possible to max out two stats.Also I understand that when you breed for IVs that you cant have the nature you want when you're breeding for IVs.I understand that and I hatch Pokemon and only use the ones that have the Nature I want. Is it even possible to max out two stats completely? If not can you tell me how to max one completely and one maxed neutrally?Yes I can actually max out 1 stat but that is it unfortunately.

P.S. My IVs are perfect Ivs.
Please Help!!


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Each pokemon gets 510 EV's to spend in any stat you want. Each stat holds 255 max but 252 is the nearest multiple of four. So you could have
Maxed (252)
510-504=6 so 1 extra for a stat

U know, that really didn't answer my question cause I'm able to Ev train I can max 1 stat but not two.You see I like to do 252,252,4 Ev spreads to the stats of my choice.I can only max one stat out not two though.
Really?!? Wow. ONE STaT IS 252! 252+252=504!!! TWO!!! TWO STATS. ARE YOU NOT LISTENING?!? How does that not make sence. ONE STAT MAxED IS 252! Two of those fit into 510     Wow. I awnsered your Q. Wow
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"Max out" is often used incorrectly - YOU are right. When counting IVs, Evs, we use the term correctly. Add nature and you are right! You cannot max out two stats, but the difference is really small.

Wait a minute, Golden.If you don't realize I can Ev train.If I can max a Pokemon out how can I not Ev train.I want to max out two stats not not only one.Is it your nature that limits you from maxing two stats out?
You can get one bonus and one penalty or nothing. 10% of one stat may be a lot. Understood? And, I'm DarthDestiny, not Golden :D