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I know you need 252 Evs but I'm still learning evs

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Actually, that's not it. You need:

  • 252 EVs in the desired stat
  • A beneficial Nature for that stat
  • Necessary items (e.g. The Choice items)
  • Perfect IVs worth 31 stat points

If that is all fulfilled for one stat, that stat will be maxed out.

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Maybe an item, too.
Good point, I'll add that.
I have a question if you use a total of 510 Evs than wut happens to the two other stats
Two would be wasted. The last two wont be worth anything.
I mean what would happen to the two other stats how would they be raised
You can try different combinations but you would do 252 HP 252 Speed and 4 Attack or something
Oh, the stats that are not given EVs? Then, that is dependant on Nature, IVs and the Base Stat. The Base Stat provides information on how high/low a stat can possibly be. So even if no EVs are given in a level, the Base Stat causes the stat to rise dependently to the base stat. The other factors (EVs, Natures, IVs etc.) determine the rest.
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When you put 252 EV's into any Stat, that is when you put about 63 Stat points onto one Stat because of the EV's. You also need a beneficial nature and 31 IV's. Some items can help too.

This link should tell you ALL: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Effort_values

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So if I battle 252 patrats and level up my garchomp I'll get 63+ in stats
Yes. BUT there are ways to lessen the number you need to battle. By battling Stoutland you will get more. If you don't have pokemon showdown. I strongly reccomend going on it. When you make a team you will get to select the EV's. That's how I learnt what ev training is.
Ok thanks flare
You edit to make it the same as mine -_-