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Okay. So I know about natures, IVs and EVs and know what they are for so I don't need explaining on what they are.

I have a hasty shiny bagon and want to EV train it to have over 300speed at minimum.
My problem is, its IV is 'Capable of taking hits'.

So I don't know if it need both Hasty and a speed IV to reach +300speed. I want to know to save myself time leveling it to 100 and finding it has 250speed or whatever.

1 IV=1stat

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Max speed Hasty Salamence is at 328 with full IVs, and with no IVs its speed is 294. You will need at least 5 IVs in speed to reach 300 speed approximately. Any IVs above 5 after that will be taking you higher above 300 speed. So the worst case scenario is that you have 294 Speed, which is still not bad and very close to 300. I would train it, but it's up to you.

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That's not its IV, that's its Characteristic. A Pokemon's characteristic indicates its highest IV:

List of characteristics

"Capable of taking hits" means its defence has the highest IV.

Serebii has an IV calculator here, but for a more simple version of the calculator, go to Psypoke.

If you have already EV trained it, you need to reset its EVs (unless you have kept track of the training) to be able to tell its IVs. Bagon cannot reach over 218 speed, so I assume you're talking about its evolution Salamence.

With a nature that gives neutral speed, Salamence's speed (with full EVs) will be 299.
With a nature that boosts speed, its speed (with full EVs) will be 328.
With a nature that decreases speed, its speed (with full EVs) will be 269.
- these are all assuming it has full IVs in speed.

With Hasty, no IVs, it will get a speed of 294. With Hasty, full IVs, it will get a speed of 328.

You can always increase speed with a Choice Scarf, but Salamence is better off with a Dragon Dance set (which will increase speed), mainly so it's not locked into one move.

Actually Salamence runs Scarf set arguably more viably than a Dragon Dance set. He told you what nature it is, a speed increasing nature, and you are giving speed calculations with full IVs, and the Bagon does not have full speed IVs.
Thank guys. Yea I meant a fully evolved Bagon (Salamance).
The Choice Scarf was a great idea. Gave it to my Dragonite and won the Dragon Type master through only one attempt. Thats all my question was about, the PWT.