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I was watching 'mtgxerxes' on Youtube, and l've been realizing that he keeps talking about Shoddy Battles, and Fodders.
I'm not sure if "Fodders" is spelled like that, but that's what l hear.
What do they mean? ~

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Shoddy battle is a simulator which lets you create a pokemon team with your chosen movesets. It's basically a way to test out a team you make so you can make adjustments you find to be the best, and don't have to keep retraining pokemon in the actual game.

As for "fodders", they are something similar to trading Pokemon on the PC boxes I think

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The usual term "fodder" refers to lesser or smaller units that are expendable. This is usually for the large army type of games. If I would have to guess in Pokemon, it would be the weaker Pokemon in your team being used to weaken the opposing Pokemon so your big Pokemon can take it down in one or two shots taking the least amount of damage.

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