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Shoddy battle is a simulator which lets you create a pokemon team with your chosen movesets. It's basically a way to test out a team you make so you can make adjustments you find to be the best, and don't have to keep retraining pokemon in the actual game.

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Very well-put, DT!

As he said, Shoddy Battle is a simulator in which you create a team from scratch, but instead of playing through a game and levelling up, you fill in the fields provided to develop your Pokemon.

It's a fast and easy way to test experimental movesets, niches, and team strategies. Before you request a battle though, it's basically a chat room, so Shoddy Battle is an online community as well!

The battle engine is very accurate, and is an exact replica of the Official Pokemon Battle System.

Cool, but it doesn't have HG/SS egg moves upgrades, like Buneary's Flail
Correct, but Smogon is always trying to release new versions. I'd say the next release of SB will have these updates. That, or they'll wait for Generation V Pokémon to be released.