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I have cards I just do not know how to play the game.

If you play magic cards, then it would be easy for you to understand how to play cards
I am talking about the Pokemon card game.
Lol, I was just making a power-point on this topic! XD
Yes, i know.like what i told you, it would be easier for you, if you had experienced playing magic cards, because they like the same in many ways.
I don't see any similarities except for the basic ideas.

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http://www.pokemontcg.com/tutorials from the pokemon website

This helped me hopes it does the same for you

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the TCG game consists of a starter deck bought at retail stores (or fake decks at flea markets with possibly illigal immigrants at the one i went to) then you buy different booster packs and you get 60 cards and look at random people and ask them to play. what happens there is you put 6 cards on the side after shuffling your deck, then you draw 7 cards and you SHOULD have at least one basic pokemon if not put all the cards at the bottom of the deck and re-draw the cards and your opponent will draw a card, from there you should flip a coin and if you win put all your basics down (one in the battle spot and however many on the bench) and put an energy on your pokemon if you have one and also dont forget you cannot put evolutions into play or supporter cards on the first turn but supporter cards can be played by the player in second. You may also emplay only one energy card to ONE pokemon in a turn and end your turn by attacking or just end your turn if you cant attack. from there thats all i know the guide that unrecognizable supplied you will cover it in a skimmy way so you must listen to me alot and hope that you know how to play (OPTIONAL: you can trade other cards as well from other trainers or COLLECT cards if your playing for keeps but dont play for keeps or ill call you team plazma for the rest of your doggone life.

Sources: personal experience, pokemon.com TCG online tutorials, and my fake deck from a flea market in orlando, FL

Personal Experience is not a source.
and i already gave a guide