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Okay, I used to "Collect" the Pokemon Cards when I was a little boy and now I have no clue what to do with them I want to actually Play with them but I don't know how and my Dad says I can't sell them because I won't get any money for them. Please help me!

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Alright lets just say the best way to learn how to play is basically to read up on it, i suggest to start here http://www.ehow.com/how_4963376_play-pokemon-card-games.html maybe if you like playing you could go to the official TCG website sometimes. (Hope this helps in :|

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adding on if you have a trainer club account for pokemon global link that lets you also play TGC online which (i have looked at but not played) is where you make decks and battle others i beleive it also has the rules but the rules come in videos that treet you like a two year old.
If you want to play locally, your going to need new cards (HG&SS- B&W ND), but, it depends on what cards you have when you sell them. Rare cards are always appreciated.