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So I've added some people with the orange smiley face on the main screen and I can go into their safaris, but when I look at my friends list on the PSS page their names don't show up.
Also how do the third Pokemon and hidden abilities work?

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The link below will tell you what the friend safari is. And the reason why there names don't show up is because they haven't been on at the same time as you. If your friend has beat the Elite 4, the third Pokemon will show up. If your friend has been online at the same time as you, you will have access getting them with their Hidden Abilities. Hope I helped!
Sources: http://www.serebii.net/xy/friendsafari.shtml and experience

>The Pokemon in these safari's will always have 2 guaranteed perfect IV stats.

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The Friend safari is a different version of the safari's found in other games.

It lets you catch Pokemon that you cannot catch normally, or just catch Pokemon with Hidden abilities.

The Pokemon in these safari's will always have 2 guaranteed perfect IV stats.

It is also the only place where you can catch evolutions of the starter Pokemon.

The type of the safari is determined by the other person's friend code.
You have access to the first two Pokemon of the safari right away, the third one becomes available after the person to whom the safari belongs beats the Pokemon league.

>Only two of them will be available until the friend to whom that Safari belongs enters the Hall of Fame.

You will be able to get those Pokemon with their hidden abilities once you are online at the same time as your friend.

>All three Pokémon are of the same type, determined by that player's Friend Code. Once the player has been online in-game at the same time as a friend, the Pokémon in that friend's Safari will thereafter have a chance of having their Hidden Ability.

>If the player has not been online in-game at the same time with a given friend, that friend will have a "?" where their character avatar would otherwise be.

If you have a "?" in that place, that is the reason you don't see their names.

Hope I helped.