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Everyone wants Ditto and Eevee Friend Safari I understand why people want Ditto (because of the IVs) but I don't get what's so special about Eevee's in Friend Safaris

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Because it's friggin Eevee! :P (no seriously, that's pretty much it.)

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Sylveon's HA

All of the eeveeulutions HAs are useful some way or another. However there is one particular Eeveeulution which is very commonly used in WiFi battles :
![enter image description here][1]

Sylveon :D

Sylveon's Hidden Ability is Pixilate.

Pixilate causes all Normal-type attacking moves used by the ability-bearer to become Fairy-type.
Fairy-type Pokémon also gain STAB from those moves

It also happens Eevee gets access to Hyper Voice.
Hyper Voice has a BP of 90 and 100% Accuracy.
It also hit all the Pokemon on the opponents team and this is incredibly useful in Double Battles.
This makes Sylveon are Pokemon that many people are fond of and need the HA Eevee to breed and then evolve into a Sylveon.

This is just my guess on why they'd be popular xD
[1]: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTe9p01_0SCBuZwbDPv5ynB0OYuXb7FaBOOiKsqDckqQSG4_cyKmg

Also Magic Bounce Espeawne
Friend safari has hidden ability eevee. Good to know. Clearly a better answer than mine.
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Who said eevee in friend safari was special? The eevee in a friend safari is a wild Pokemon just like on route 10.

I'm guessing people think it is special because in past games eevee usually required you to complete the game or finish your pokedex and then you only got one of them. So in the past eevee has been relatively rare. It would be like having starter Pokemon in your friend safari.

XY is only the second game to give you eevee as just another wild Pokemon (The first being a hidden park in Black/White 2). So I think people just get excited about it because eevee was rare in the past and they forget it's not nearly so difficult to obtain in Gen 6.

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Why don't you believe me? It's true.... Eevee is even in the local unova dex in the game...

I didn't believe you because I couldn't find any evidence to support your claim. I can say the sky is purple in Siberia but I would hope you would be smart enough to check for reputable witnesses instead of taking my word for it. And BTW it's called "Castelia Park" not "Secret Garden" which is why I was unable to find it and confirm your claim. Here is an actual reputable link in case anyone else is interested: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Castelia_City#Castelia_Park.

And yes I stand corrected. It was possible to catch eevee in the wild in pokemon Black/White 2. I have updated my answer to reflect your feedback.
I'm sorry for being dumb :(
It's not dumb to contradict someone or correct them but you have to be willing/able to back up your claim. Maybe I'm an extreme pessimist but people lie. And when they are anonymous (usernames instead of real identity) they lie even more. PG-13 Rated Infographic: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/325/699/4fc.jpg
I couldn't support it because I couldn't find a way to give you a source on where to find Eevee. The only thing I could think of is the local pokedex.