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Normal : Aipom, Minccnio and Chansey
Bug : Paras, Beautifly and Venomoth
Dark: Nuzleaf, Vullaby and Cacturne
Electric: Luxio, Electrabuzz, Galvantula and Zerbristrika
Fairy: Togepi and Clefairy
Fighting: Mankey, Tyrogue and Breloom
Flying: Tranquil, Tropius and Rufflet
Ghost: Dusclops and Spiritomb
Fire:Growlith, Magmar,Ponyta, Charmeleon, Larvesta, Braxien and Ninetails
Grass:Ivyasaur, Tangela, ,Sunkern, Sawsbuck, Petitil, Liligent, Maractus and Quiladin
Water:Krabby, Wartortle and Frogadier
Ground: Phanphy, Camperupt, Palpitoad and Gastrodon
Ice -Spheal, Snorut and Dewgong
Poison Venomoth and Muk
Psyhcic:Munna, Drowzee, Girafarig and Xatu
Steel: Forrotess, Metang, Klang, Bronzong and Excadrill

The Safari Type I have not included is because they don't have any exclusives

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Audino is obtainable next to Parfum Palace.