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A Shock Everywhere You Turn
Difficulty: 3
Recommended Level: 33+
Time Limit: 06:30

These Starly are quite distantly apart so requires a lot of exploration to find all four. Once you capture all 4 Starly, you'll get access to the boss. The boss in this case is the Pokémon Magnezone. Magnezone has a variety of electric attacks including shooting electric orbs into the ground and making a large electric field around it to prevent loops being made.

>1. Make sure you get pattern 3 when you enter. (If you see Baltoy in the 2nd room, then you definitely have pattern 3. If not, try again.
2. Capture the Starly in the 1st & 3rd rooms.
3. In the 4th room, look for an open space in the path from Bronzong, and run past it. If you suceed, you can avoid battling them. (This method doesn't work on Claydol, because they move too quickly to outrun, hence pattern 3).
4. Some Bronzong are unavoidable and must be battled. I'd recommend a good ground type (I use Donphan) and to circle them as quickly as possible. Let them hit you if you have to; you'll be able to heal later.
5. Avoid the 3rd Starly too. You'll be able to catch it later. (otherwise, you might run out of time).
6. Once you've managed to get access to the teleporter into a new room, head north and you'll see a Manetrike and 2 chests (both contain +60 time extenders). Fortunately, unlike most Poke'mon, Manetrike doesn't run after you, so it's easy to avoid battling it (although, it'll still shoot electricity at you).
7. Go back for that Starly that I told you about in step 5.
8. Catch the Starly in the other path, and you'll find 2 more chests with +60 second time extenders, and then go fight Magnezone.

For Magnezone, you may want to use ground/fire/fight assists but you can't find any on the temple... you need get a Pokémon with one of those 3 assists to fight against Magnezone but it won't be easy.. try avoid Magnezone's has electric attacks like shooting electric orbs into the ground and making a large electric field around it to prevent loops being made.

Hope this helps!

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