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Would it be a Shiny/Monochrome/Normal/New-Glitched sprite color?

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So far no one knows.

It's not even known that do monochrome Pokemon exist at all or not. There are big controversies about them being photoshopped and being a glitch in the game.

Here's an educated guess. Monochrome Pokemon are decolorized Pokemon, and have a light black and white color palette.
This means shiny monochrome Pokemon shouldn't exist at all, as the Pokemon itself is completely washed off colours. If it does, the most likely condition and colour would be negative i.e a dark palette of black and white.

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I'd say that's a good guess, looking at Furfrou's normal & shiny forms.
I don't even know that such things exist lol
a. If it was intentional, then it's likely that it's a condition that cannot exist along side shininess, as it already switches the color palette of the pokemon.
b. If it's a simple texture error, there's a possiblility that it is counted after the shininess factor.

What the last point meant was that the game first decides a pokemon's shininess, and then decids whether it's monochrome. Which means the shiny's color palette, and not the normal version's palette will be swapped, and not go negative.

All theory though.