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Hey guys PuppyDog here and this has been a big thing bugging me. I am debating getting a shiny Garchomp because when I got a shiny Crobat thinking it was a light gray I was crushed to find out it was a hot pink as my friends laughed and laughed . So guys I could realy use what color is shiny Garchomp Because if I put in all this effort I don't want to be crushed again. Sorry for the kind of idiotic question but if you could understand that I literally don't know this and answer I would appreciate it a lot .


Wow, harsh. Being colourblind must suck.

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So as stated above the shiny garchomp is not much different in color it is much duller compared to its regular form its like a "pastel" version the colors are lightened a bit but not much of a change overally duller. In my opinion its not worth the hastle to get a shiny one if its not mega evolving. If it is then it will be in my opinion worth it its hot pink with a lavander base for its body and some bright yellow details. But as you said you were disappointed w the shiny crobat bc it was pink then you would not want a shiny mega garchomp bc its pink and purple but if its not mega evolving its more subdued in color which you may like bc you wanted a grey crobat so overall:
- garchomp regular form (shiny)- pretty much the same but duller lighter colors
- Garchomp mega form (shiny)- body is lavander blades and belly part are bright pink and it has yellow details

Hope it helps your decision!

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Thanks for the info guys all my friends trick me now and then so I don't know when they are telling the truth. Now I will begin my hunt for shiny zorua (don't need help there).
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it is a disappointing slightly darker blue. however, shiny Mega Garchomp turns into a bold magenta color.

Decent answer. I'd suggest you add sprites to prove the point. If not, may I do so as a separate answer at a later time?

@PuppyDog: You wouldn't mind checking out their sprites to see how much the difference is, in case it's edited in, would you?