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Ok, so today is my birthday! thank you all :D

So my 'DS time set brithday' is 28 September and I want to know if the player gets some rewards or if anyone says a special message like ''Happy Birthday (player's name)!!!'''.
So since Gameboy had nothing to see your birthday, I want to know if all DS Pokémon games had something special.

This includes: Diamond-Pearl / Platinum / HGSS / BW / BW2 / XY

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No actually

The games HeartGold and SoulSilver lack a Birthday Event as far as I can tell

The ones which do have it are;
- After beating the Elite 4, Dawn/Lucas will ask if it is your birthday (If you say yes, they say Happy Birthday).
- Prop Toy Cake on your Birthday
- Nurse Joy will wish you a Happy Birthday
- Mist on Route 14/15 will clear
- Prop Toy Cake on your Birthday
- Nurse Joy will wish you a Happy Birthday
- Aha, Wye and Ditoh in Iccirus City will give you a special quiz
- After entering the Pokemon Center for the first time on your Birthday, lights are dimmed, confetti falls from the ceiling and a party popper goes off.
- A birthday cake will be shown on the screen above the counter in all Pokemon Centers
- Special version of Pokemon Center theme is played
- Nurse Joy wishes the player Happy Birthday every time you talk to her
- Birthday Cake Marker on the player's PSS. Other players can wish that Player a Happy Birthday by pressing a Button that replaces the 'Nice!" Button for that day.
- Diamond Dust falls near the entrance of Frost Cavern
- Visitors to that player's Pokemon Amie space will leave up to three Supreme Wish Poke Puffs.


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As far as I know,every game on the Nintendo DS has something,all of them say happy birthday at the Pokemon center,In B/W in the Musical building in Nimbasa city there's props you get,and in X/Y there's a small surprise part type thing in Pokémon Centers,Hope I helped and Happy Birthday :)

So in all games, the nurses says  happy birthday, in BW and BW2 in the Musical building there's special props and in XY  there's a small surprise part type thing in Pokémon Centers?
Ok thanks :D
No problem :-)
Again happy b-day