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Mega Mawile was banned to Ubers, so it's just plain Mawile now, and that's not going to be any use in OU, so why is it still classified OU on Showdown?
Ever since Mawilite was banned, I have not seen a single Mawile on any OU team, which is to be expected, so its usage must be 0%, or pretty near it.

So why is it still over used.

Antar has not collected the data yet? idk
Showdown! probably hasn't updated the tiers yet. Just a guess.
Hope I helped!

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Mawile is still in OU simply because it takes three months for Pokémon to change tiers. The tiers are based on three month usage stats, and because Mega Mawile has not yet been banned for three months, Mawile has also yet to change tier.

>For those new to our system, how our tiers work is that they're primarily based on usage (the names of the tiers, OU, UU, RU and NU, literally mean "Overused," "Underused," "Rarely Used" and "Never Used"): Pokemon that are used heavily in the tier above get banned from the tiers below.

>The cutoff for each tier is the point at which you're more than 50% likely to encounter that Pokemon at least once in a given day of playing, if you play 20 battles a day. For those that don't feel like doing the math themselves, that number is approximately 3.41%. So that means if a Pokemon is used on 4% of OU teams, it's considered OU and is banned from UU, RU and NU.

>This 3.41% number is based on stats weighted over the previous three months, with 5/6 of the weighting from the last month, 1/8 from the month before that, and 1/24 from the month before that (ratio of 20-3-1).


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