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What would happen if you are chaining a swarm Pokémon during the 23:59 and when the clock gets to 0:00, what will happen to your chain?

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The chain will continue.

However, if you have a chain going, your swarm will not change at the end of the day (23:59)!

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Since the swarm doesn't end, it's possible to continue your chain even after midnight.

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So the chain would continue after the 0:00 until it ends?
Yes. Since your swarm doesn't end, neither does your chain.
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If a swarm ends while a chain is in progress, or a Pokémon otherwise ceases to become available, then that Pokémon will continue to be available until the chain is broken.


So, even if the swarm ends, that Pokemon's chain will still keep going, until it breaks, which will stop you from encountering that Pokemon again.

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