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I heard from a YouTube clip that the girl (I think she's a preschooler) who says ''I'm gonna win 100 times in a row in the Battle Maison But I'm not very good yet... So win 100 times in a row in my place, OK?'' when you haven't made a 100 win streak yet. I heard that once you win 100 times in a row her dialogue changes to something along the lines of ''Great! You beat 100 now beat 200!'' I want to know 2 things:

  1. Is this true?
  2. What is the final thing she says, or is it infinite? where she just says 100 then 200 then 300 and continues this forever.

Congrats if you answer this from experience, I can only get to a 42 win streak.

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Well, I made it past 100, but I honestly don't remember XD
I remember that at crossing 100, she gave me a Lansat berry, and another berry (Starf…?) at the 200 streak. But my streak broke after that, and I didn't happen to catch the message ;c
That's awesome Fated Fathom can you please tell me your team so I can do it to?

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Yes, she will say for you to beat 200 and you receive a Lansat Berry for the 100th wins.
The message only goes to 200 and it doesn't continue forever, because you only get a Lansat Berry (100th win) and a Starf Berry (200th win).

Also at the 200th it will say :

Y-you won 200 times in a row!
That's really, really amazing!
Here, take this reward!
Player obtained a Starf Berry!
I'ill work hard and become a strong Trainer like you!

After the 200th it will only say:

I'ill work hard and become a strong Trainer like you!

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Shinyfire