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You know how you battle Cheren the 1st gym leader in the story? Does it go in that same order for the PWT or a different order? Ex. Cheren then Roxie then Burgh

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I'm assuming not, but I can't confirm.

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No it is random. When you are in the PWT the gym leaders will be in random positions in the Battle deciding thing. (sorry that's the best I could describe it) My source is that I have played the champions PWT and there all the same.

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I'm sure it uses an RNG.

RNG stands for random number generator. It might be like this-

1 = Cheren
2 = Roxie
3 = Burgh
4 = Elesa

and so on.

The limit 8 since there are 8 Unova leaders.

So maybe the game chooses the first match to be 1, the second to be 8 and the third to be 3, then you would face Cheren first, Marlon second and Burgh third.