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In pokemon mystery dungeon blue version I can't beat artucuno.I am a cubone and my partner is chickorita.I am level 20 and so is chickorita.I had to train in snow path to get to level 20 but that means the have to go through the frosty forest AGAIN to get to artucuno but it keeps killing me with powder snow.I did it 20 times already I think.I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!

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I tried it as Psyduck...I restarted to be Machop :D Machop is PMD best :D :D :D
Well that makes sense becuse you are both weak to ice.
Psyduck is weak to Ice?
No I am talking about his pokemon

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Hey, this was my exact team when I played for the first time! Had a Poochyena with me, too (Of course, not while I was at this part of the game. Don't think you can take third members with you...).

Good ol' Cubone tanking, alongside Chiko-Screens. All you need is Light Screen and Reflect set up while you spam Headbutt at Articuno. Get Chikorita to throw Gravelerock from the back after it sets up the screens.

As SF said, you're both weak to Ice, so make sure you keep your HP above half, or you're toast.

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They would be toast while fighting Moltres, they can be just...hypothermic? ;)
That joke was so bad, that it was awesome. xD
...thanks...I guess :D
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I had that problem with Dialga on the new one(still do) What you need t do is well train and keep trying make sure you have plenty of Oran berries and I suggest that with cubone get it a steel move.Chickarita needs to get the heck away articuno has a huge advantage so order Him(Her?)to avoid enemy when you get there

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Hey...what's with the bad word?
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It's not going to be all that easy. Since you're both weak against Ice it's going to be really hard for you. I mean, it was easy for me because I turned into a Pikachu with a Torchic partner so it was easy for me with the types. I'd recommend either leveling up more, teach your team moves that will be good against Articuno, or restart the game with better team members Because it's just going to get harder since you are going to go against Groudon after you get back.

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