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I left a Shiny Gible and a Shiny Ditto at the day care.
I walk out and there is an egg already!
Did they really make love that quickly?

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The chance of an egg being produced depends on the parents, so your two parents may have been an ideal pair and had a high chance of producing an egg, or you may have simply gotten lucky.

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When there are two compatible Pokémon in the Day Care, the game will periodically decide whether the Day-Care Man has found an Egg, with the chances depending on the compatibility of the two Pokémon as detailed in the section above. In Generation III and later, the game determines whether an Egg appears after every 256 steps the player takes, while in Generation II, it checks after every step. - Source

Ditto is in the Ditto Egg Group while Gible is in the Monster Egg Group.
Depending on the ID and if you have the Oval Charm, and if you got lucky, sometimes it happen.

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