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I have a male Froakie with Protean and a female Froakie with torrent.
The day care man says that they "Get along like a house on fire"
They have been in the day care for about two days.

Why haven't I gotten a single egg?

Males can pass down HAs, at least when bred with Ditto.
That would be the only case in which it can do so. I've tried it with several others and none of them worked.

Exs I used are Carvanha, Torchic, Minccino, and Eevee.
Ah I see.
It sounds like your game is hacked, as far as I know, the daycare man never says anything like that.
It's not hacked or glitched, it's a legit response .-.

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You should really be using the battle resort, if you can... There's a way you can go in a constant circle by just pressing up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPkVlucuWa0

Regardless of the daycare man's response you still have the chance to get an egg based on what you have said. To breed you must take a large amount of steps until the man faces you. (doing this in the resort is a lot better) Then you can talk to him and he will hand you an egg.

If you're really stuck watch this, it gives a basic guide at the daycare I assume your speaking of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPkVlucuWa0

And if it takes awhile, don't fret. you'll get one eventually.
but you don't get eggs by walking around one area, you have to go from town to town last i checked.
Nope, as long as your moving in the one town it still counts.