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My brother and me badly want to enter Dragon Cup. He wants to use Zekrom and me, Reshiram.
I already own a Timid, untouched Reshiram; but we don't have a Zekrom yet. It won't be hard for me to catch one in my Alpha Sapphire for him. But her isn't the question.

If he was to leave my Zekrom in his game's Day-Care, would it give out more exp than usual because it's my Zekrom? I've never really had experience with Day-Care as I do manual training but this ain't my brother's case.


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Nope, the Day Care gives exactly the same EXP to all Pokemon.

Source: I tested this. I put a Vivillon of mine and a Japanese Vivillon in Day Care, roamed a bit and then collected then back. Turns out they gained the same EXP.

Hope I helped!

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Ok thank you.