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So.... I left my Magikarp at Day care for too long..... and it evolved to lvl 28 can I evolve to gyrados now?? or is there no way? (* Pokemon Ruby)

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I think this counts as trivial.

Also yes it can evolve at level 20 and onwards.
How is this trivial? This information is both useful and easy to find on Bulbapedia.
Also at what levels does Magikarp evolve beside Lvl.20, Thank you for the help though :)

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As they level up in the Day Care, Pokémon will not undergo evolution.

So, when you take it out of the Day Care, it won't evolve. However, in order to evolve it, you'll just need to level it up to the next level and it will evolve.

Since you don't know how Level Up Evolution works, I will accept to explain it to you. Let's take Magikarp for example. Magikarp can evolve from Level 20 onwards. This means when Magikarp reaches Level 20, it will evolve. If you cancel the Evolution process (keeping Magikarp as Magikarp), Magikarp will attempt to evolve when it reaches Level 21, so on, so forth until it reaches Level 100 since you are in Gen 3.

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Day_Care
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Omg Thank you So Much!!! I just started playing a few days ago. You just took a lot of tension of my shoulder!!!
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Magikarp evolves at level 20, not 21.
Magikarp can evolve at level 20, level 21, or many other levels.
Sorry, that was my bad.
Giving it a rare candy at lvl 100 also evolves it I think.
That's only in Gen 8.