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Easy Day Care Leveling?

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Is there an easy way to level your day care pokemon? In Ruby/Sapphire you could get on your bike, leave something heavy on top of your D-pad and ride up a mud slide continuously. In Black/White, you can use the same method to walk round the battle subway station. Is there a similar method to this in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver?
Any Help on this I would be grateful.

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1 Answer

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DPPt - Sand waterfalls, accessible by bike
HGSS - Viridian Gym
BW - water flows on Rt.17/18 (probably DON'T work)

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Also you could use your bike whenever you can, since day care system makes 1 step=1 exp
In DPPt bike is OK, in HGSS impossible (gym is a building) and BW...