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I read somewhere that move re-learners could ONLY make Pokemon learn moves in it's current level up move list, and egg moves. So does that mean move re-learners can't teach Pokemon move tutor moves that they once new when in a past generation?

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This confused me.
Shiny, he means, can a move relearner reteach, say, Ice Punch on a Lucario from BW2 in X/Y. The Lucario would have been transferred through Pokebank to X/Y, forgotten Ice Punch, and gone to the Move Relearner in Ambrette Town to attempt to relearn Ice Punch.

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No. Pokemon in xy can only remember moves from their xy movesets. transfer moves are lost for good if forgotten.

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Yes, they can.

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!! I need to remember Dragon Pulse on my Lucario- AND I CAN!!!
Dragon pulse isnt a tutor move for lucario. You just need to relearn it